Estate sale 1938 to 1952 Mopars

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I might have to take a trip down to Lake Tapps and check out this stash, seems like a few gems could be hiding here.

15 Cars and Trucks. Most Restorable with Titles. Some with rebuilt engines and newer brakes. Plus a 30 year collection of parts. NONE RUN Several are just a few hunderd bucks from being streetable Prefer calls over text. I ran some of these as Daily Drivers over the years and had a great time. THIS IS A PACKAGE DEAL! Not willing to part-out at this time, some delivery available.

1938 Plymouth Pick-up (no engine,trans)

1940 Dodge Opera Coup (Complete older resto)

1941 Dodge Firetruck (Pump and Ladder)

1941 Dodge Pick-up (complete)

1946 Dodge Cab-over (COE)

1946 Dodge Screenside Pick-up ( In parts)

1941 Dodge Box Van (ex Langendorf Bread Truck) (storage)

1946 Dodge Bank-type Amored Car (Brinks type) (rough)

1946 Chrysler Winsor Suicide 4 door (complete)

1949 Dodge Panel Truck (bone stock)

1950 Dodge 2 door (Custom started)

1950 Plymouth Business Coupe (Stock)

1950 Plymouth Business Coupe (unfinished custom)

1951 Plymouth Fastback 2 door Concord (complete)

1952 Dodge 4 door Wagon (no engine or trans)

Tons of parts (Literally by weight) Parts cars and trucks included. Engines, trannys (some with overdrive), rear ends, Brakes, body parts, etc. Some Speed stuff too

Lots of Books and Manuals

Most are valued at $1,500 to $4,500 each You can sell them separately and make a bundle. Plus start a small ebay business with all the extra parts or part the cars and trucks and make a even bigger bundle.